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BOB JAMES Interview 2 - “NILES A HEAD” & “Alone Together” live

March 11, 2021

I interviewed the great composer & pianist Bob James in my London studio in 2003 for my BBC series “The New Jazz Standards” Here is the 2003 interview with two live tracks I produced in my studio. While Bob was in the studio, he said, “Hey Richard, I just got an idea for a head for a new tune. Would you mind giving me a minute while I write it out so I can try it out with the guys?” I said, “Not only will I give you a minute, I’ll give you all coffee – and cookies!” I was happy as a puppy when Bob named the tune “NILES A HEAD” and later released it on his Urban Flamingo CD. Billy Kilson (drums), James Genus (bass).

Because Radio Richard is the gift that keeps on giving, I include yet another track I recorded in my studio when Bob showed up with the late guitar master Chuck Loeb in 2000. For anyone who thinks Bob’s just a “smooth jazz” artist, well, they haven’t heard much of Bob James and they certainly haven’t heard this track.

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[All music licenses cleared by BBC Radio 2]

“The New Jazz Standards” ©1998 Niles Smiles Music, piano & vocals by Michael Ruff.

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