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March 20, 2021

Guitar players, you’re in for a special treat!

I first met Grammy Winning guitarist, arranger & composer LAURENCE JUBER in 1975. He was a top London studio even then and we did sessions, jingles and TV shows together over the years. Over the years he’s published many guitar books, played in James Bond movies and rocked around the world as a member of Paul McCartney’s Wings. He can play literally anything on his instrument - classical lute to country blues to groovy jazz. But here, I ask Laurence to show how he developed his unique, award-winning concept of the acoustic guitar, playing in different tunings and creating brilliant new sounds and arrangements. How did he come up with the idea and how exactly does he do it? A masterclass from a true master. Watch! Listen! Take notes! And you may watch the video version HERE 

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