Radio Richard - Richard Niles Podcast


March 24, 2021

Steve began as half of remix team Brothers In Rhythm, with tracks for Michael Jackson, Sting and McCartney. He went on to become an acclaimed producer and songwriter for many artists including Westlife, Steps, Leona Lewis and Britney Spears . We worked together on many projects including Take That, Clive Griffin and Kylie Minogue. He became Kylie’s Musical Director for her spectacular tours in 1998 and this has continued in the theatre with Rent and the Hurly Burly Show. I asked Steve to explain his work as Musical Director. How does he help make a gigantic show even more effectively humongous? There is also some invaluable advice for artists who want to give their small gigs dramatic bang without the bucks!

“Radio Richard Theme” ©2021 Niles Smiles Music sung by the Free Play Duo, Dylan Bell & Suba Sankaran

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